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At HackerOne, our Community is our core. In this space, we cover all Community matters, whether you are a security researcher, pentester, or exclusive bug bounty hacker - the Hacker Community blog space is where you can find all relevant announcements, highlights, support materials and technical content directed for our hackers or written by our hackers!

HackerOne Community Blog

HackerOne's Next Million Dollar Hacker Chad Jahpeety

At HackerOne, we’re always looking for talented and dedicated individuals passionate about hacking and cybersecurity. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce one of our favorite community members, Chad Jahpeety.

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Bug Bounty vs. CTF [Understanding Differences & Benefits]
Ethical Hacker

Bug Bounty vs. CTF [Understanding Differences & Benefits]

Trying to understand the difference between a bug bounty vs. CTF? We explain the differences, the similarities...

Ethical Hacker, Live Hacking Events


Amazon's Live Hacking Event with HackerOne At Amazon, ensuring security is essential for earning customers’...

Community Blogs

H1-303 MVH Belt
HackerOne Community Blog

Hacking in Sun and Snow H1-303 Colorado

Guess what, hackers? We are back to Live Hacking Events! Hackers greeted each other with open arms after a two...
Ariel hosting community day workshop
HackerOne Community Blog, Ethical Hacker

Ten Rules to be Successful in Your Bug Bounty Career

Bug bounty life comes with hidden pressures and common frustrations that require soft skills to navigate -...
HackerOne Community Blog

Community at HackerOne: What's to Come

From Jessica Sexton - Director of Community, Three years ago, I found my home at HackerOne. My primary focus...
Mental Health Blog
HackerOne Community Blog

Hacker's Health: Adverse Effects of Doomscrolling

Question: "I spend the majority of my time researching and keeping up with current affairs. I don’t feel like...
h1-303 Poster
HackerOne Community Blog

Live Hacking Event Invitations - 2022 Guide

Hello Hackers, Live Hacking Events are an experience like no other: hackers collaborate and connect with...