Hai: Your HackerOne AI Copilot

Accelerate your find-to-fix cycles

Achieve record-speed vulnerability response times with HackerOne’s in-platform GenAI copilot.

Elevate your vulnerability management program with Hai

Hai provides a deeper and more immediate understanding of your security program so you can make decisions and deliver fixes faster. Effortlessly translate natural language into precise queries, enrich vulnerability reports with relevant context, and use platform data to generate insightful recommendations.

Strengthen understanding
strength in understanding

Hai decodes complex reports, providing succinct summaries and detailed visual analyses to fast-track your team's understanding and response capabilities.


Improve communication
improve communication

Hai acts as a communication bridge, clarifying technical details and remediation steps for seamless collaboration between security, development teams, and hackers.


Accelerate remediation
Acelerate Remediation

Speed up find-to-fix cycles with targeted insights and personalized advice—harnessing unique business knowledge for faster, smarter action.


Streamline your SDLC

Integrate Hai’s features into your current processes and tools with custom vulnerability scanner templates, API integrations, and dynamic automation.


Hai has significantly reduced the time my team spends sifting through bug reports or creating responses, allowing us to focus more on resolving and communicating vulnerabilities quickly. 

What does HackerOne Hai provide?

Hai solutions brief

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Utilizing Hai for translating complex vulnerability findings into remediation advice has been a game changer for us. It bridges the gap between our technical reports and our internal audience, enhancing the value of our HackerOne program by making actionable insights accessible to everyone.