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Building A Cyber-Resilient Public Sector

In order to effectively deliver a digital by default strategy while maintaining national security, UK government agencies must find vulnerabilities in their systems. HackerOne’s vetted hackers stand ready to serve their nation to help reduce cyber risk and support building digital systems that are secure by design

Governments Worldwide Trust HackerOne

From Singapore’s GovTech to the U.K’s NCSC, government agencies are adopting Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDP) and vulnerability rewards programs to help secure their data and systems.

Learn more about how governments around the world work with ethical hackers.

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Why every U.K. government agency needs a VDP

A vulnerability disclosure policy increases security and extends an open hand to a community that wants to secure our nation in cyberspace. In accordance with the CISA Binding Operational Directive 20-01, and as a FedRAMP authorized provider, HackerOne is the leader in federal hacker-powered security solutions and Vulnerability Disclosure best practices.

Hacker-Powered Security Report: 2023 Government Edition

Delve into the Hacker-Powered Security Report: 2023 Government Edition for crucial insights into cybersecurity trends. Discover how ethical hacking and innovative solutions are shaping the landscape of government cybersecurity resilience.

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Securing the Ministry of Defence

“The decision to partner with HackerOne and leverage its community of ethical hackers was part of an organisation-wide commitment to building a culture of transparency and collaboration to improve national security. Our hacker partners are helping us to identify areas where we need to strengthen our defences and protect our critical digital assets from malicious threats.” —Paul Joyce, Vulnerability Research Project Manager, U.K. Ministry of Defence 

Access vetted cybersecurity experts with HackerOne Clear

HackerOne can provide a diverse pool of cybersecurity experts who are U.K. citizens, have security clearances, and specialize in government agency requirements. We can match you to hackers who:

  • Find cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis
  • Prioritize risks based upon potential impacts
  • Enable cybersecurity personnel to focus on the most significant problems first

Manage your web traffic with HackerOne Gateway

HackerOne Gateway, powered by Cloudflare’s global network, is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that enables you to see who is accessing your system and where, helping you differentiate between ethical hacking traffic and malicious activity. 

  • Monitor hacker testing activities with consistent egress IPs, confidently reducing security alerts by effectively distinguishing between legitimate hacker traffic and genuine threats. Prioritise risks based upon potential impacts
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by selectively admitting hackers solely from your chosen countries.
  • Maintain access control with ease via our user-friendly Gateway control panel, granting you the power to halt testing at any time.

Kahootz’s VDP demonstrates our proactive commitment to promptly identifying and addressing potential security weaknesses to maintain the highest security standards for users. The VDP has enabled us to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited maliciously. Our collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and HackerOne has facilitated knowledge sharing and best practices in cybersecurity, contributing to continuous improvement and increased confidence from our clients.”

—Peter Jackson, CTO of Kahootz, 
a secure cloud collaboration service that the MOD uses to work collaboratively and share information protectively


Cybersecurity for the government’s supply chain

The MOD has broadened the scope of its VDP to include a number of key suppliers to encourage best practices throughout the MOD’s supply chain and ultimately motivate those suppliers to implement their own VDPs.  

Read about the MOD’s supplier VDP  

HackerOne Solutions for Government

Vulnerability Disclosure

Establish the process for and receive reporting of unknown or harmful security vulnerabilities to the proper person or team in your organisations.

HackerOne Clear

Let trusted hackers continuously test for vulnerabilities in public, private, and time-bound programs, all designed to meet your unique security needs.

Bug Bounty

Let trusted hackers continuously test for vulnerabilities in public, private, and time-bound programs, all designed to meet your unique security needs.