For organizations looking to benefit from the hacker perspective and improve ROI vs. traditional testing methods.

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Benefits of HackerOne Pentest

Satisfy Compliance Certification Requirements

Meet pentest requirements for PCI DSS, SOC2 Type II, and HITRUST compliance certifications.

On-Demand Delivery Model

Start testing within days and and get through a security audit in three weeks.

Hands-On Scoping With Our Trusted Researchers

Our diverse community ensures pentesters are matched based on skills relevant to your apps.

Receive vulnerabilities real time

Get alerted to vulnerabilities immediately instead of waiting for the final PDF report.

Free Retesting and Remediation Assistance

Retesting is included and handled by the pentest team to ensure consistency.

Software development lifecycle integrations

Findings can be integrated into existing workflows such as GitHub and Jira for faster remediation.

The HackerOne Approach


Scoping of pentest engagement

Review testing scope and get a pentest team with skills matched to your application stack.


Manual testing begins

Our pentesters ensure coverage of OWASP top 10. You can maintain communication with testers through collaboration tools like GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Slack, and more.


Receive vulnerabilities in real-time

Vulnerabilities found during testing trigger customer alerts to the platform and to SDLC workflow integrations.


report delivery

At the end of the pentest, all findings are delivered through a customizable PDF report.


repeat as necessary

Due to the vastness of the HackerOne community and on-demand delivery, we can deliver pentests as frequently as you need.


rate pentest team and engagement

All pentests and pentesters receives a rating to help improve our services and experience.


remediation and retesting

Remediation and retesting is handled by the original team to ensure accuracy and consistency. Receive a new summary report after the retest.

Review testing scope and get a pentest team with skills matched to your application stack.

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A Comprehensive Summary to Share

The final PDF report contains detailed findings suitable for PCI, SOC2, and HITRUST requirements for you to share back with your auditor and executive team. Included you’ll find key recommendations, assessed scope, pentester profiles, vulnerability details, remediation results, and more.

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Supported Integrations

HackerOne integrates with many issue tracking tools for you to push vulnerability submissions into your existing workflows.

In Their Words

The community and HackerOne’s team served as a complement to and extension of our internal security team, allowing us to scale on a moment’s notice, and exceed compliance standards."
George Gerchow
Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic

Why HackerOne Penetration Testing

Traditional pen testing simply can’t keep pace with today’s continuous delivery (CD) software model. Instead, companies are tapping into the global community of trusted hackers and pentesters to stay secure while they continuously innovate. With HackerOne’s global community, you benefit from the diversity of skills, “on-tap” availability, and cost-effectiveness you need.

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