Preemptive Cybersecurity for High-Growth Companies

HackerOne helps high-growth companies increase their attack resistance

HackerOne for High-Growth Companies

Change is the only constant for companies in high-growth stages. Get (and stay) ahead of cybercrime with preemptive security built for agility.

Add expertise, not headcount

Call on the creativity of 1M+ ethical hackers. Increase your security testing coverage and available skill sets, even with constrained budgets. Plus, get expert triage.

Test as fast as your SDLC

Your continuous SDLC requires continuous, preemptive testing—and the ability to evolve your strategy from pentest to bounty and beyond as your needs shift.

Know where your risks lie

Traditional and AI-based testing methods can miss tricky, critical vulnerabilities. Eliminate unknown risks to keep cyber insurance costs down.

HackerOne Pentest

Need a penetration test for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more? Get started in days, not weeks, and receive test results as they happen—thanks to a legion of ethical hackers.

HackerOne Bounty

Does your continuous SDLC call for continuous, offensive security testing? Our bug bounty programs find risks that conventional tools and overburdened security teams can’t.

HackerOne Response

Are incoming vulnerability reports creating too much noise and inefficiency? HackerOne’s vulnerability disclosure program receives, validates, and prioritizes vulnerability submissions so you can focus on remediation.

HackerOne Assets

Digital transformation, M&A, and lack of security testing skills lead to an incomplete view of your attack surface. HackerOne combines automation with hacker creativity to discover your entire attack surface and eliminate unknown risk.

Innovative High-Growth Companies Stay Safe with HackerOne

Schedule time with an expert in security for high-growth companies.

Every high-growth company is different. Let’s design a security program that makes sense for where you are—and where you’re headed.