Code Security Audit

Uncover complex vulnerabilities that scanners alone can’t

HackerOne’s cutting-edge Attack Resistance Platform automation and manual review from 600+ experts proactively eliminate vulnerabilities before attackers have a chance.

Lower risk without compromising velocity

Our network of background-checked, skills-vetted engineers scour your source code for security flaws, escalating risks that need attention and providing context-specific remediation guidance—so issues can be resolved fast without slowing down progress.

Automation + human insight
Automation + human insight

Go beyond the limitations of SAST: real-time communication with our dedicated team of experts adds context, validates findings, and eliminates false positives.

Empower your dev team
Empower your development team

Understand development antipatterns that give way to security risks—and how to prevent them. Insights from your Code Security Audit will help your developers adopt secure coding practices as the norm.

Extensive coverage
Extensive coverage

From outdated systems to specialized stacks and uncommon programming languages, no code base is too large or intricate for our experts.

Real-time communication
Real time communication

Don't wait for a final report to escalate findings to development. Easily communicate with HackerOne’s reviewers in real time through our platform

This was our first time using HackerOne Code Security Audit. We didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be everything we had hoped for. The analysts’ feedback was specific, well-documented, and security-focused. The communication between all parties was excellent and timely. The Fidlar team’s security expertise has grown during this experience with HackerOne.

Seamless integrations

Seamless integration

Connect securely to repository source code providers such as GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket. Our system effortlessly adapts to your environment.

For executives & auditors

Wondering what a final Code Security Audit report looks like?

A Year In HackerOne’s Bug Bounty Program

For software architects & developers

Our findings are contextually delivered inline with your tools for optimal context and collaboration.

Hai: Your HackerOne AI Copilot

Achieve record-speed vulnerability response times with HackerOne’s in-platform GenAI copilot. Hai provides a deeper and more immediate understanding of your security program so you can make decisions and deliver fixes faster.  Effortlessly translate natural language into precise queries, enrich vulnerability reports with relevant context, and use platform data to generate insightful recommendations.

Supporting all programming languages, frameworks, libraries & platforms

Built for your use case

M&A and other legacy code bases

Discover weaknesses and gain clarity on newly acquired, large, monolithic, and legacy code bases where internal knowledge is limited.

Major changes

Innovative development means constant change. Whether it’s a major release, a new product, or a cloud migration, don't wait to find out how attackers will abuse it. Lean on us to battle-harden it before it hits production.


Demonstrate adherence to security standards set by ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, FFIEC, FS-ISAC and others.

Automated scans catch issues at high volume. Human experts catch the complex.

Code Security Audit harnesses both.

  • Network of world-class software engineers
  • Comprehensive code review
  • One platform—everything you need to eliminate unknown risk
  • No code base too large, outdated, or specialized
  • Simple integration with source control providers
  • Context-specific remediation guidance written by developers for developers

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How Code Security Audit works

Code Security Audit Solution Brief

Get the Code Security Audit Solution Brief

Your quick-reference overview of SDLC defense.

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