Why HackerOne?

Traditional, reactive security measures aren't enough. HackerOne's attack resistance platform brings the perfect combination of AI + human ingenuity to beat cybercriminals at their own game.

Ethical hackers

2+ million registered ethical hackers on our platform


433,000 valid vulnerabilities identified


~1,500 monthly valid reports submitted

Customer programs

26 valid vulns on average in first month of new customer programs


1 vulnerability report submitted every 2.4 minutes via the HackerOne platform

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HackerOne has magic in a bottle. The bugs that get found are amazing and so astonishing. We get excited because what comes in is so interesting and novel, and it requires a truly astounding intellect to discover.


Vetted & background-checked hackers

  • Only the highest-performing hackers are eligible to join a customer program.

  • Identity, location, & background checks are required for all hackers prior to program admission.

  • See the work of hackers network-wide via Hacktivity.

Monitoring & control

  • Full testing visibility lets you see attack paths hackers are exploring in real time. 

  • Easily identify hacker testing activity in your environment with predictable egress IPs.

  • Kill switch lets you halt testing at any time through our convenient Gateway control panel.

Compliance, transparency, & privacy


The industry’s best triage services

Unlike other crowdsourced security vendors, HackerOne provides 360° customer success and deep triage analysis—because other vendors’ simple SLA-based intake services just put more work on your team’s plate. Our triage team’s customer satisfaction score: 4.71 out of 5.

  • 40+ seasoned security analysts spread across 5 continents
  • Handling of 550+ reports daily, 3,000+ reports weekly, and 200,000+ reports yearly


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Since the HackerOne Triage team is well calibrated on our scope, they offload some of the work from our security team, such as report triage, identifying duplicated reports, and scope mismatch. In other words, the HackerOne Triage team acts as an extension to our security team.

Security management across the SDLC

HackerOne's Attack Resistance Platform combines creative human intelligence with the latest artificial intelligence to pinpoint critical security flaws across your attack surface—and reduce threat exposure throughout the software development life cycle. 

  • Run code security audits, pentests, and more continuous testing if you need it, all in one place.
  • Rest assured with up to to $1M coverage for damages caused by hacker activity.
  • Invitation and matching technology assigns hackers with the skills and experience you need.

Highest quality & efficiency

  • 22.75% of valid vulnerabilities found through HackerOne Bounty and Response programs are high or critical severity—compared to less than 1% for a scanner

  • 8.24 hours median time to validation with HackerOne Bounty

  • 18% of HackerOne Pentest findings are high or critical severity—nearly 2x the industry standard

  • 61% of HackerOne Pentest customers identify more vulnerabilities with HackerOne than with traditional pentest vendors


Premium Live Hacking Events for fast ROI

Live Hacking Events deliver clear return on investment, with an increase in valid vulnerabilities and massive collaboration with talented hackers in the community. A HackerOne Live Hacking Event delivers months of value to a customer security program in a single power-packed event.

Since the launch of our live hacking events in 2016, HackerOne has:

  • Hosted 38 events, in 17 cities, with 23 customers
  • Awarded over $20M in bounties to Live Hacking Event participants
  • Triaged over 12,000 vulnerability reports during Live Hacking Events


1000+ customers

2M+ security researchers

  • Invitation and matching technology means you get the best, thoroughly vetted hackers for your program. 
  • $300M in bounties paid through the HackerOne platform incentivizes hackers to do high quality-work.

Powerful network effects

  • Real-time analytics showcase key program metrics—including response targets, submissions, bounty spend, & remediation status.
  • Benchmarking and forecasting—possible only with our vast dataset and proprietary AI—helps optimize your program and your teams’ time.



Policy leadership

HackerOne is a proud founding member of the Hacking Policy Council, along with Google, Intel, and others, to advocate for the protection of good-faith security research and the adoption of cybersecurity best practices.


Ready to experience the best in crowdsourced cybersecurity, with HackerOne’s mix of AI + humans? Schedule a consultation with a HackerOne expert today.