Expertise on Demand

HackerOne offers an agile model that evolves with your business. Instead of using budget to hire a single expert for each role, gain on-demand access to a diverse set of cybersecurity capabilities, skillsets, and functions.

Expertise on Demand

How Can You Capture Vulnerabilities?

HackerOne empowers you to stay agile as priorities change, obstacles appear, and opportunities arise.


Vulnerability Disclosure
  • Learn about goals and expectations around receiving externally discovered vulnerabilities
  • Establish a program policy with a best-practice process for capturing vulnerabilities discovered by third-parties
  • Configure workflows to securely manage valid vulnerabilities (receipt to resolution) within a centralized platform
  • Start receiving vulnerabilities through a secure communication channel
  • Effectively monitor and report on key metrics internally and externally (e.g., response, remediation, number of criticals, asset coverage)

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Vulnerability Assessment
  • Incentivize hackers to uncover vulnerabilities overlooked by traditional methods
  • Private, time-bound program designed for new product release, test-in-house apps or select assets
  • Test out a specific feature release or data testing before launching publicly
  • Continuous vulnerability designed for scale, flexibility, and key program metrics (e.g., response, remediation, number of criticals, asset coverage, competitiveness)
  • Gain undivided attention from some of the world’s best security researchers in a controlled environment via Virtual hacking event

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Hacker-Powered Pentest
  • Point-in-time, targeted pentesting
  • Compliance-driven
  • On-demand platform that provides visibility into the progress of your pentest
  • Communicate easily with pentesters
  • Prioritize critical areas and send directly to your workflow via GitHub or JIRA

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Each product offering is delivered by our world-class Advisory Services and Triage Services teams. Advisory Services works alongside your internal team to launch, manage, and scale your security program end-to-end. Our triage team helps to validate vulnerabilities, remove false positives, de-duplicate reports, assign severity, and provide remediation guidance to your development team. We limit the signal-to-noise ratio to so you can focus on vulnerabilities that impact your business.

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