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We’ve had mixed results with traditional penetration testing firms in the past. With HackerOne, our Challenge was immensely successful. Beyond my expectations.”
Sean MacIsaac

Traditional Pen Testing Vs. Hackerone challenge

Traditional Penetration Tests HackerOne Challenge
On-Demand No Yes
Access to Skilled Hackers / Testers Shallow talent pool means a limited ability to match finder with scope. The world’s largest community of elite security talent, which includes world-class penetration test veterans, provide superior matching capabilities based on your program needs.
# of Researchers / Hackers per Challenge 2-4 Customizable (1, 5, 10, 500, …)
Hacker Matching & Secure Collaboration Tools No Yes
Notice of Findings Once at the end of test In Real-Time; On-Demand
Severity of Findings Common; Low Impact Rare and Complex; High-Critical
Find Complex Vulnerability Chains Rare Common
Includes Retesting Varies Available
Point-in-Time or Continuous Point-in-Time Only Customizable (Bundles Also Available)
Dedicated Program Specialist Yes Yes
Managed, End-to-End Program Support Yes Yes
SDLC Integrations (ie, JIRA, Slack, ServiceNow, others) No Yes
Methodology-driven Engagements Assessments Yes Yes
Technical Reporting PDF at end of testing period Accessible In-Platform + Integrated into SDLC for easy access
Executive Summary Report Yes Yes (PDF)
Meet Compliance Needs (ie, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2) Yes Yes

Reduce Your Risk
of a Security Incident.

Quickly identify and close critical security gaps with on-demand access to the world’s largest, most diverse community of security talent.

  • Start testing immediately and receive results within days
  • Fix critical vulnerabilities faster with clear and actionable program reports
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The diverse perspectives and creativity of the participating hackers was astounding. We were so impressed, we couldn’t wait to do another Challenge.”
George Gerchow
CSO, Sumo Logic

Build Secure Applications
without Changing the Way You Work.

Take an agile approach to AppSec testing with seamless workflow integrations across your security, development and DevOps teams.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations for Jira, GitHub, Slack and more.
  • On-ramp your organization to a continuous, hacker-powered security program.
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Keep Pace with Growing
AppSec Demands.

From startups to the largest enterprises, HackerOne is trusted by more teams than any other hacker-powered platform to scale - up or down - as security needs change.

  • Run point-in-time assessments at regular intervals and/or expand into continuous testing at any time.
  • Test across a variety of assets, including web and mobile applications, IoT devices, APIs and cloud infrastructure.
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Simplify Your Path to Compliance
and Maximize Customer Trust.

Demonstrate your commitment to securing payment card and customer data with HackerOne’s PCI DSS and SOC 2 reporting.

  • HackerOne offers PCI DSS-ready reporting to help meet your firm’s compliance needs.
  • HackerOne’s SOC 2 assessments provide customers with assurance regarding the controls in place that protect the systems or data you have access to.

How it works

Preparation Phase
  • Define the scope and goals of the assessment
  • Select hackers based on experience & skillset
Testing & Retesting Phase
  • Vulnerability testing of assets & validation by HackerOne
  • Optional retesting
Reporting Phase
  • Deliver executive summary & detailed report
  • Review results
HackerOne has been much more successful at finding problems than general penetration testing has been for us.”
Nate Lee

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