HackerOne Challenge

Focus the diverse talent of the global hacking community through a time-bound, controlled testing environment. HackerOne Challenge has partnered with organizations like the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, and General Motors to secure their most crucial applications.

Focused, Time-Bound Security Testing

HackerOne Challenge gives your organization access to focused, time-constrained security testing. Use Challenge to test for vulnerabilities ahead of major initiatives such as product releases, code reviews, or feature releases, and conduct spot checks on key assets.

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Unmatched Hacking Talent

Talented, innovative hackers are ideal for effective security testing. Challenge gives your organization access to the world’s largest community of ethical hackers and security testers.

  • 800,000+ expert hackers are available on-demand.
  • Invite top hackers to join your private Challenge engagements.
  • Domain-specific experts subject your assets to rigorous testing.

Tailored to Your Needs

Flexible Engagement Setup

Design each Challenge engagement to fit your needs. From timeframe to depth to personnel, every aspect of your engagement can be customized to achieve your testing goals.

  • Choose a scale and time frame that suits the needs of your program.
  • Don’t wait for testers. Get instant access to the skills needed for success.
  • Controlled testing environment lets you call the shots on how, when, and by whom your assets are tested.
Point-In-Time Testing

Get point-in-time testing for new products, threat-focused assessments, and tech-specific testing for mobile, web app, and cloud products.

  • Actionable vulnerability reports ensure your developers have everything needed to fix issues.
  • Seamless integration of vulnerability and retest reports into security and DevOps workflows.
  • Align outcomes to objectives with the help of our veteran customer experience and triage teams.

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