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At HackerOne, we believe the strongest security comes from collaboration. That's why we offer the PartnerOne Program, designed to empower businesses like yours to contribute to a safer online world. Ready to join?

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The PartnerOne Program offers a variety of opportunities, whether you're a reseller looking to expand your security portfolio or a solution provider seeking seamless integration.

Resellers/Solutions Providers

Resellers/solutions providers

Enhance your existing security portfolio and eliminate complexity for your customers. When it comes to helping your customers secure their attack surface, HackerOne has you covered. From Pentest as a Service to vulnerability disclosure, AI red teaming, and bug bounty programs, our services provide defense in depth at every layer. Adding HackerOne to your go-to-market motion or including HackerOne in your portfolio of solutions and services has never been easier.

Consultants - Referral Partners

ConsultantsReferral Partners

Whether you provide consultancy, advisory, or other services and wish to recommend HackerOne solutions to your clients, there is ample opportunity to connect your client with the best-in-class HackerOne team to help solve the most complex cybersecurity challenges your customers face.



Constructing a diverse portfolio to increase delivery efficiency and new cybersecurity solutions to your channel is a priority for the PartnerOne Program. If you are a distributor looking to incorporate the HackerOne products into your portfolio we have resources and opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

Technology Partners

Technology partners

Technology providers like GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Bugzilla, and many more already partner with HackerOne. Come build with us to deliver ever-greater value and ease of use to our customers and community. Discover which tools and systems we integrate with to help security teams manage and automate their vulnerability workflows. View integrations. 


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