Humans find what automation can’t.

Put the world’s largest community of ethical hackers to work for you.

What is human-powered security?

Human-powered security taps into the skills and creativity of ethical hackers to identify critical vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do. These vetted security researchers simulate real-world attacks to uncover your critical risks and help you fix them fast.

Who are these ethical hackers? They range from full-time security researchers to seasoned security engineers to teen prodigies, university professors, medical doctors, and experienced penetration testers.

How can human-powered security help you?

Growing attack surfaces. Rapid AI proliferation. Faster SDLCs than ever before. The devastating cost of a breach. The security skills shortage. 

Traditional security tools and methods are no longer sufficient to keep you ahead of cybercrime. But a vast global community of ethical hackers can work 24x7 to uncover hidden weaknesses in your systems before bad actors do.


of HackerOne customers say hacker efforts have helped them avoid a significant security incident. 1

$4.45M vs. $3.7k

The average cost of a data breach exceeds $4.45 million. 2 The average bug bounty paid to a hacker for a high- or critical-severity vulnerability is just $3,700. Human–powered security can pay for itself with just a single vulnerability report.


of hackers in HackerOne's annual survey plan to specialize in the OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications, using their unique perspectives to uncover weaknesses that traditional security measures might miss. Human-powered AI red teaming can keep you ahead of the curve in identifying and mitigating AI-related vulnerabilities.

How it works

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Define your scope

Easily manage your program's scope from a single interface. Select the assets you want tested, such as web domains or mobile apps, and add them to active tests.

Connect with hackers

Our intelligent matching technology connects you with security researchers who have the skills and experience needed for your program. Communicate with individual hackers or groups directly in the HackerOne platform.

Discover & triage

As vulnerabilities roll in, HackerOne's triage services ensure you see only valid, prioritized reports. Our team of 40+ security analysts across 5 continents handles over 200,000 reports yearly so you can focus on the most critical issues.


Strengthen your relationships with researchers by rewarding them for their contributions. Send payments, swag, or other rewards through the HackerOne platform.


HackerOne provides remediation advice for each vulnerability, so your development and security teams can quickly understand and resolve the issue. And you can use Hai, our AI copilot, to enrich vulnerability reports with context and recommendations to speed up your find-to-fix cycles.

Improve continuously

Feed insights from your programs back into your SDLC to enable continuous improvement—helping development teams build more secure products from the ground up.

The world's top brands trust HackerOne to outpace cybercrime

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