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Augment and Strengthen Your Security Team

Security teams are now asked to do more than ever. Enhance your hacker-powered security program with HackerOne Advisory and Triage Services. Our experienced teams work with you to build a strategic success plan for faster return on investment and more impactful business results, becoming an extension of your own in-house security. Achieve the desired outcomes from your security program with our expert guidance, regardless of your team’s size or sophistication.

Your Roadmap to Success

HackerOne Advisory Services provide proactive support using years of experience across thousands of programs to help you launch, manage, and scale a comprehensive security program. Choose from standard and advanced services to help your team work more effectively. Reduce risk and build trust through proven PR, communications, and incident response best practices.

HackerOne Services Your Roadmap to Success
HackerOne Services Any Stage Any Sophistication

Any Stage, Any Sophistication

HackerOne Services provide guidance and expertise built on best practices to ensure success as you launch, manage, and scale your security program, no matter the stage or sophistication. Our services easily support any industry or organization size, whether you’re just starting a security team or you’re a sophisticated global enterprise  looking to further augment their already strong risk mitigation efforts.

A Trusted Partner

Our white-glove advisory services can be added to improve your overall security program performance and drive proactive communications to build trust internally and with customers and stakeholders. Our program managers can even be deployed on-site to help you launch and manage your program, deploy technical integrations, and tailor program goals to your unique business.

Advanced Triage

Optional advanced triage services take the distractions away so your team can focus on fixing prioritized vulnerabilities, accelerating code fixes, and minimizing the window of opportunity for malicious attacks. It covers your broad array of assets, can engage with your teams across multiple channels, have a fast 24-hour SLA, and more.

Get More Talent with Less Noise

Our Triage teams work on incoming reports to validate vulnerabilities and remove false positives and duplicates. We provide advice process improvements to streamline remediation. Our goal is to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio so your team can focus on mitigating risk and remediating the vulnerabilities most critical to your business.

HackerOne Services More Talent Less Noise

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