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Human-Powered Security for Retail, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Retail, hospitality, and entertainment now depend on digital innovation, making proactive cybersecurity a vital part of your business strategy. HackerOne’s combination of human creativity + AI gives you the advantage against cybercrime.

Building trust with every transaction

The proliferation of purchasing channels brings a heightened risk of cyberthreats, from ransomware to malware and data theft. HackerOne’s offensive security approach finds, prioritizes, and helps remediate these threats before an attack can ever occur.

  • Continuous protection: With programs to find risks from development to deployment and beyond, we help squash bugs that could compromise payment systems, expose customer information, and erode trust.

  • On-demand expertise: Tap into the expertise of nearly 2 million skilled security researchers whenever you need it.

  • Risk-ranking & triage: Our Attack Resistance Platform proactively pinpoints vulnerabilities, guiding you on which issues to tackle first—and how to resolve them effectively.

“HackerOne has helped us to identify and prioritize where our focus needs to be. Over the years, we have recognized an extensive amount of new vulnerabilities and high-risk issues that have improved the overall security posture of our internet-facing assets and have strengthened our cybersecurity program.


Customer Story

Costa Coffee & Priceline: 5 Secrets of a Highly Effective Vulnerability Management Program

“Every organization has blind spots. Having the hacker community on the other side of the screen looking at those things you’ve missed means you can close those holes.”


Retail, hospitality, and entertainment all received an above-average number of reports for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in 2023.

Why is that? The new Hacker-Powered Security Report: Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment Edition answers that question and many more. 

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The ROI comes from the fact that we rely on HackerOne to find and deliver critical issues every day.

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