Connect with HackerOne at Cyber Security Digital Summit Global

With 2020 squarely in our rear-view window, the Cyber Security Digital Summit Global provides an opportunity to truly understand the repercussions of last year on current and future budgets.

It also provides the opportunity to spot-check where the industry is in terms of mindset movement and technology evolution. Join us May 4-5, 2021 at the Cyber Security Digital Summit Global.

Attend HackerOne's speaking session:

Trust & Transaction: Understanding Power Dynamics Between Hackers and Corporate Risk
Date: TBA | Time: TBA

Every organization is tasked with the constant challenge of managing risk and trust. Trust is essential in business -- trusting employees, software, customers, etc. Risk is constant and necessary and equates to the relationship between capital at risk and earnings at risk. What do you have to lose in the wake of a breach (customer data, employee data, etc.); are you trusting and investing in the right people and technologies to keep it safe? Hackers already exist in the corporate environment, whether you like it or not. Inviting them proactively introduces more reward.

Key discussion points:

  • Have you tipped the risk vs. trust scale in the right direction?
  • Beyond the bounty, how do companies influence power dynamics and interact with hackers without increasing risk to their businesses?
  • How can working with hackers actually improve brand trust?


Sam Cowan

Head of Compliance, HackerOne