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Stay informed of HackerOne partnerships, integrations, hackathon results, and other developments that keep HackerOne customers two steps ahead of cybercriminals.

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Company News

Navigating a Safe, Successful Return to Office: 5 Tips for Security Leaders

Security leaders have a lot on their plates in these later stages of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. In a 2021 survey by Gartner, over three...

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HackerOne-sie - More than just epic swag

This illustrious sweater and sweat pant combo has been elevated to elite swag status donned by a lucky few...

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HackerOne and JIRA integration update: more improvements, fewer clicks

More good news around making simple cross-platform tasks even easier - specifically, we’ve got three updates...

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HackerOne, Bountycraft, and Nullcon

Around the world in seven days! My name’s Adam Bacchus, Chief Bounty Officer of HackerOne, and I’m here to...

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RSA stands for Really Sweet Activities: HackerOne recaps an epic week

A quick highlight reel of HackerOne’s week at RSA: hackathons, lightning talks, private parties, panels and...

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Dear McDonalds, Where's Your Security@?

Introducing Email Forwarding, have security@ emails forwarded to your HackerOne Inbox as a new report.

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Together We Hit Harder HackerOne Company Values

All of us HackerOnies are driven by a passion for our mission, and a strong urge to work together to make the...

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Celebrating Alongside Yelp: Reaching The 100 Day Milestone of Their Public Bug Bounty Program

Approximately 100 days ago, Yelp flipped the switch from being a private bug bounty program on HackerOne, to a...

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API Update Announcement: Report State Changes and Submission Comments

Get the scoop on the latest update to the HackerOne API with some slick new communication features.