HackerOne Joins Forces with Node.js Foundation to Build a Safer Internet

HackerOne Joins Forces with Node.js Foundation to Build a Safer Internet

Open source powers our platform, our community, and is the underpinning of our entire connected society. Node.js developers build the web applications that are responsible for the foundation of our connected world. Because of this, we have a responsibility to help them grow their community, while also empowering them to be more secure.

HackerOne works with the open source community in various capacities, including vulnerability disclosure programs with GitLab, Open-Xchange, Wordpress, NextCloud, Ruby on Rails, Discourse, bitwarden, CodeIgniter, Square Open Source, and others. And we are just scratching the surface. Today, HackerOne is deepening its commitment to the community by joining forces with the The Node.js Foundation. Node.js Foundations is a community-led and industry-backed consortium to advance the development of the Node.js platform.

Alongside Bitnami, Chef Software, Keymetrics, ^Lift Security, Profound Logic and SafetyCulture, we’re looking forward to helping continue the growth, stability and success of this universal platform. Together, we can build as safer internet.

If you’re working on an open source project, Node.js or otherwise, and want to work with HackerOne to boost security of your product(s), check out HackerOne Community Edition. If you’re a hacker looking to work on more open source projects, you can start hacking here. Internet Bug Bounty (IBB), a HackerOne-led non profit aimed at finding and fixing vulnerabilities in core internet infrastructure and free open source software, recently announced that it will be giving out rewards for critical vulnerabilities in core infrastructure data processing libraries. Happy hacking!

More about the Node.js Foundation:

Node.js is used by tens of thousands of organizations in more than 200 countries and amasses nearly 9 million active users per month. It is the runtime of choice for high-performance, low latency applications, powering everything from enterprise applications, robots, API engines, cloud stacks and mobile websites.

The Foundation is made up of a diverse group of companies including Platinum members IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Gold members include GoDaddy, PayPal, and NodeSource, and Silver members include Bitnami,, Chef Software, Codefresh, Dynatrace, Fidelity, Google, Groupon, HackerOne, Keymetrics, ^Lift Security, Profound Logic, nearForm, npm, RisingStack, Sauce Labs, SAP, Snyk, SafetyCulture, YLD, and Yahoo!. Get involved here:


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