HackerOne and JIRA integration update: more improvements, fewer clicks

HackerOne and JIRA Integration

Last month, we announced a major improvement to how HackerOne integrates with JIRA. We’re following that up with more good news around making simple cross-platform tasks even easier - specifically, we’ve got three updates that improve ease-of-use and two-way integration. 

What does this mean? Well, Atlassian's Head of Product Partnerships and Integrations, Bryant Lee, had this to say, "HackerOne's latest integration with JIRA brings an efficient hacker-powered security solution to development teams in our community. Bug and vulnerability fixes just got a lot easier starting with this integration."

HackerOne loves JIRA: more improvements, fewer clicks


Go-live: HackerOne for JIRA via the Atlassian Marketplace

The HackerOne for JIRA application is now live on the Atlassian Marketplace. For JIRA Cloud users, it’s easier than ever to connect JIRA to HackerOne. JIRA will automatically link to your HackerOne instance, and most essential information can be pulled into JIRA with a single click.

jira marketplace


One-click JIRA issue creation in HackerOne

Speaking of one click, creating new JIRA issues within HackerOne is now that easy. Just click a button to create a JIRA issue when updating a bug report in HackerOne. The process runs in the background, and the ticket will automatically be referenced in your HackerOne report.

escalate jira


Stronger two-way communication

Last week, we announced our bi-directional integration that lets JIRA users sync from JIRA to HackerOne. Now it’s possible for development teams to customize this even further, whether they need to sync specific workflows from JIRA to HackerOne or from HackerOne to JIRA.

sync jira


This new communication line will make it easier to review information across teams and tools. The following events and directions are currently supported:



Getting started

And we haven’t forgotten our JIRA server users. All features above also work with the JIRA server edition. To enable these new features, sign into your HackerOne account and go to your integration settings (Settings -> Program -> Integrations). For the step by step detail, check out our documentation.

Both the HackerOne Atlassian Marketplace application and the easier creation of JIRA issues are available to all customers. Two-way communication is available to customers using the Professional, Enterprise, or Fully Managed product editions.

Please let us know if you have questions or would like help getting started.

HackerOne for JIRA is brought to you by Siebe Jan, Willian, Maarten, Alexander, Jens, Martijn and the HackerOne team.


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