HackerOne-sie - More than just epic swag

HackerOne-sie - More than just epic swag

Swag means a lot to HackerOne (and to you, our hackers).

It’s not just apparel and stickers.

It’s a badge of honor.

An invitation and acknowledgement that says “welcome to the club”.

You earn your swag.  

And certain swag is more precious than others.  

No swag item has received as much attention or prestige as:



This illustrious sweater and sweat pant combo has been elevated to elite swag status donned by a lucky few.  

Only the best of the best on our Hacker Advisory Board have been offered a HackerOne-sie.

Until now.  

On June 29, 2017 at 20:38:44 (UTC+1), a $150 bounty was paid to Anas Roubi (@Qasuar).

This report was special because it bumped the all time bounties awarded number to over 18 million.

And we thought that was worthy of celebrating by honoring Anas, an active member of our community, with swag worthy of a king. A very comfortable king (yes, HackerOne-sies are insanely comfortable).

So Anas, we salute you. You now have, soon to be en route, a HackerOne-sie. Wear it with pride and share this story with joy. We expect many selfies.

We also must advise you, a HackerOne-sie has been known to carry magical powers.

If worn while hacking, the hacking gods are with you in force, guiding your hunting and reporting. It’s been documented on multiple occasions to lead its wearer to their best bugs ever. It’s true, just ask @jobertabma.  

Happy hacking to all!  | #togetherwehitharder

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