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2018-07-03 | The Federal CISO handbook, Stylish browser extension spyware, and Secure reverse shell over SSH script

Tuesday, July 3

Happy Tuesday! Quick programming note: Zero Daily will not publish 07-04 - 07-06 in observance of the Fourth of July holiday. See you next Monday!


  • The North Korea - US summit in Singapore had goodie bags. Sort of. A reporter from The Economist gave security researcher Sergei Skorobogatov a USB fan that they grabbed from the media filing center and Sergei took it apart. Turns out the USB fan is just for, well fanning (probably).




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Cyber incidents are a threat to the entire financial system, a fact that is underscored by recent
reports of significant and damaging incidents both inside and outside the financial sector. The
2016 attack on the Bangladesh Bank resulted in the theft of $81 million, the WannaCry
ransomware attack in 2017 infected more than 250,000 computer systems in 150 countries, and
the Equifax hack in 2017 resulted in the compromise of personal information of over 146
million individuals.

Financial Stability Board


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