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Get your infosec news and have a little humor dashed in. The Zero Daily includes links and brief sound bites, tweets, and quotes on all things infosec with a focus on hacking, appsec and bug bounty topics.

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“Zero Daily frequently gives me the "heads up" I need to keep ahead of emerging threats to my web applications.” - Gregory Young

“A great recap of news I care about. I read it everyday.” - Arne Swinnen

"Zero Daily is a great, concise newsletter. It feels better than staying all day on Twitter to keep up to date with the infosec world." - Florian Chédemail

“Zero Daily has a solid selection of security related stories, and pulls items that I hadn't read elsewhere first.” - Anonymous Reader

“Zero Daily is the email I look forward to everyday.” - Shreyansh Singh

“This is the only newsletter I read.” - Sherwyn Moodley