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2018-06-20 | Attacking Private Networks from the Internet with DNS Rebinding, Red Teamers: Bring Your Own Land, and $30M stolen from Bithumb

Wednesday, June 20


  • Brannon Dorsey’s DNS rebinding attack can penetrate your fortress of home WiFi network solitude. Quoted in a Wired article “I just followed my curiosities and suddenly found some sketchy shit.”


  • I've started tracking and rating password storages and disclosures. Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, GitHub and countless others are not afraid to tell us how they store passwords. Let me know if you want to be added too. - @spazef0rze



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Each technology goes through a cycle of development and weaponization, followed only later by the formulation of doctrine and occasionally by efforts to control the weapon’s use. The newest technological means of mayhem are cyber, meaning anything involving the electronic transmission of ones and zeros. The development of cyber capabilities has been rapid and is continuing; doctrine is largely yet to be written; and ideas about control are only beginning to emerge.

Paul R. Pillar


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