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The Global Top 10 is a valuable resource and can help organizations prioritize reported vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Management

The HackerOne Global Top 10—Hacker Expertise, Industry Data, and Up-to-Date Vulnerabilities

Many security teams use the OWASP Top 10 as a guideline to understand where they should focus their security strategies and cyberattack prevention...

secure supply chain
Vulnerability Management

 Securing the Supply Chain by Working With Ethical Hackers

Software supply chain attacks increasingly create concern among cybersecurity experts as these exploits are...

TikTok blog repost
Customer Stories, Bounty, New Program Launch

TikTok Celebrates One Year of Bug Bounty

As part of an ongoing commitment to proactive cybersecurity, TikTok celebrated its one-year anniversary of...

HAC BB Platform
Vulnerability Management

Bug Bounty Platforms [Best Choices For a Bug Bounty Program]

Are you wondering about bug bounty platforms? We explain what a bug bounty platform is and how it can help you...

HAC Elastic
November 2nd, 2021

How Elastic Attracts and Retains Top Hackers Without Offering the Highest Bounties

Skilled hackers are the foundation of an effective bug bounty program. But how can you ensure your program...

HAC Cloud Security
Ethical Hacker, Vulnerability Management

How Hackers Can Strengthen Cloud Security for Applications

In this session at our 5th annual global cybersecurity conference, HackerOne’s Tim Matthews sat down with Josh...

What BB
Vulnerability Management

What Is a Bug Bounty? Should You Offer One? And How To Do It

What Is a Bug Bounty? A bug bounty is a reward offered by organizations to ethical hackers for discovering...
Vulnerability Management

Bug Bounty vs. VDP | Which Program Is Right for You?

We explain bug bounty programs and Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDPs), their pros and cons, and how each...

HAC Improve S&D
Vulnerability Management, Security At Event

How to Use Bug Bounty Program Data to Improve Security and Development

Bug bounty program data tells a story—but which story? Tracking program metrics can help organizations...