Beyond Traditional Testing:

Elevate Security with Pentests that Deliver Results

January 9, 2024

12pm ET | 5pm GMT

Talent shortages, launch delays due to skillset and staffing gaps, and challenges in retaining seasoned pentesters. These all create serious barriers to running successful and consistently effective pentest programs. 

Inefficiencies in everything from coordinating schedules to monitoring coverage, tracking remediation, and maintaining a cadence of communications for high-risk issues can undermine productivity and reduce security effectiveness. 

Join this live discussion and demo for a look at how the security industry’s leading Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) platform, combined with talented and thoroughly vetted pentesters, can create a responsive program filled with meaningful findings that deliver on its ROI promise.


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We’ll show you how PTaaS can help you: 

  • Go from scheduling delays to rapid spin-up (4-7 days on average).
  • Remove the barrier of limited insight to receive real-time vulnerability data.
  • Break down your siloed work streams and create centralized integrations and flows.
  • Eliminate the need to rotate vendors by engaging deep and diverse experience from a vast pool of pentest experts.

Who Should Join:

This webinar is an essential learning tool for anyone interested in building a more effective pentest program through PTaaS. 

Whether you’re a current HackerOne customer or looking to launch your first pentest program, you’ll walk away knowing tips and tricks for how to succeed with PTaaS.




Presenter: Josh Donlan, Senior Solutions Engineer, HackerOne

Josh has led bug bounty & pentesting programs for Fortune 50 programs, engaging hundreds of security researchers to test everything from internal networks to smart thermostats.