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Mediation Team

Hello world, we are the Mediation Team.

For those who don’t know what we do - we are here to help the ethical hacking community and customers with communication support in cases of report disputes, behavioral concerns, and more. Our goal is to make the platform an equitable and respectful place for you to do what you do best - HACK!

How do we support the Hacking Community?

Hackers can request assistance from HackerOne when they are not able to reach a satisfactory resolution directly with a customer/program. For example, a report is closed as NA, but you have concrete proof for why it is a valid finding….Contact us!

How do we support HackerOne customers?

Customers can also request mediation if cases of Code of Conduct abuse come up. If you are not familiar with our Code of Conduct you can check it out here: https://www.hackerone.com/policies/code-of-conduct. This policy outlines what behaviors are expected from our users and what is prohibited. 


In August, the Mediation Team (Shay, Saskia, and Ryan) made an appearance at our Live Hacking event in Las Vegas. It was extraordinary meeting the hackers we support. The event provided an opportunity for us to sit down with some incredibly gifted members of the hacking community to gather feedback about how we can make HackerOne Mediation a more valued and effective service. We also facilitated multiple live mediation sessions where hackers approached us with their concerns about reports. In turn, we arranged for second opinions on the spot. Our team aims to help hackers earn recognition and assure fair compensation for their work! 

Our humble team wants to improve. Some key takeaways from H1-702 that we are working on:

  • Sometimes chatting face-to-face can accelerate resolution times and decrease latency in communication. We are working towards being a presence at future LHEs to facilitate this.
  • There is work to be done regarding response times to mediation requests. We have since increased our headcount and hope to continue in 2023. We are also looking into ways to make backend mediation processes more efficient with the help of the HackerOne Product Team.
  • We need to spread awareness about how the Mediation Team works and provide greater transparency into its success rate and where it's most effective. This month we will be rolling out an article about the Make It Right fund and aim to continue releasing content about improvements made in the Mediation process, including insight into hacker success rates after requesting Mediation. Team Mediation will also present the Mediation process and how and when to request Mediation.

We are ready and eager to continue rolling out improvements to make Mediation a more valuable service for all platform users. That said, the Hacking Community is our most significant source of truth for where we can best focus our efforts and how to make the most impactful improvements as we mature as a team and scale. Feel free to reach out to support@hackerone.com if you have any feedback to provide about the Mediation experience!

Hope to see you at an event in the future!

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