Let’s Celebrate the Hacker Community


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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but at HackerOne, we’ve decided it should be Hacker Awareness Month. We want to spend October celebrating the individuals that drive our platform — you.

The effort put forth by a global community of hackers is no longer something left for movies. You all really do “Hack the Planet.” We are proud you’ve done that here with us. And, as we grow, we want to remain true to this spirit.

That’s why for October, we’ve planned to share program news and developed challenges to help you earn more and receive limited-edition badges.

Green and pink badges with the words hacker appreciation 2022

During October, you can earn these profile badges if you achieve one of the following objectives: 

  • You receive your first (ever) confirmed bounty
  • You submit a valid High or Critical bug on any program 

We’ll also share hacker-focused platform news and fresh content throughout the month. Follow us on social for updates:

At the end of the month, we’ll also celebrate everyone who participated and post badges on each respective hacker’s profile, so join in and get added to the list.

As always, happy hacking.  

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