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AI precision

Unbeatable security.

May 22, 2024

Grand Hôtel

Stockholm, Sweden

Why Attend

Hear from cybersecurity wizards, including third-party experts, customers, hackers, and HackerOne leaders.

Learn exactly what it takes to secure your attack surface, with content customised for practitioners and business leaders.

Learn how you can incorporate vetted ethical hackers into many aspects of your security programs.

Who Attends

Connect live with leaders of the world’s best security teams—and the ethical hackers who keep them ahead of threats.

Check out:

What to expect

  • Thought leadership sessions 
  • Best practices from HackerOne customers 
  • Ethical hacker insights 
  • Networking with your peers over drinks and canapes

Security@ is going global and is making its way to the Nordics on May 22, 2024.

Join your fellow security professionals in person in Amsterdam for engaging sessions on the latest industry topics—such as AI Red Teaming—plus plentiful networking opportunities.  Hear from industry leaders, ethical hackers, and HackerOne customers on how a mix of human creativity and AI efficiency helps you outsmart cybercriminals.

You'll leave Security@ with the edge you need to stay ahead of threats, keep pace with evolving security environments, and find risks that automation can't.

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17:30Guest arrival and networking
18:00Welcome and opening remarks

Addressing the Novel Challenges of AI Safety & Security with AI Red Teaming

HackerOne’s experts in offensive testing will share insights on the most effective ways to probe AI systems for vulnerabilities, testing them for safety and security to ensure resiliency against worst-case scenarios.

Customer Panel: Harnessing the Creativity of Ethical Hackers to Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals

Join HackerOne customers for a discussion of the top security vulnerabilities you should consider as your attack surface grows—and how hackers protect them from emerging threats and prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities.

Hacker Panel: Inside the Minds of Ethical Hackers

Get ready to delve into the minds of Europe's leading ethical hackers. Ask them everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what they do, and how and why they do it. Don't miss this golden opportunity to uncover what truly drives these creative powerhouses—and find out exactly what you can do to attract them to your cybersecurity program.
21:00Event Close

Featured Speakers

Updated Marten
Alexander Korotkov


Grand Hôtel

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8

Box 164 24

103 27 Stockholm



What is the date, time, and location of the event?

The event takes place on May 22, 2024 from 17:30 at Grand Hôtel. 

How do I get to the venue?

The venue for the event is Grand Hôtel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, Box 164 24, 103 27, Stockholm. You can check out the venue website for more information:

Is there a dress code for the event?

There is no strict dress code; however, delegates should attend in business casual attire. 

Is the event free to attend?

The event is free to attend but is reserved for cybersecurity professionals working at organisations with dedicated security teams. 

What if I register and can no longer attend?

If you are no longer able to attend, please inform HackerOne’s Andrew Tsang at

Will food and beverages be provided at the event?

Yes, there will be food and beverages available for delegates. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please get in touch with the HackerOne team.