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Put Your Security to the Test: Introducing HackerOne Challenge

Put Your Security to the Test:  Introducing HackerOne Challenge

Today we launch a new product, designed for every security team that runs periodic testing of web applications.

HackerOne Challenge is modeled after the time-bound security tests we ran for the U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force, Shopify, Airbnb, and others. We helped all of these customers secure their most important web applications by inviting some of our best and most creative hackers to those customers’ private programs, ensuring a controlled environment.

Each one of these customers found tremendous value, including a number of new high-severity and critical bugs, from the hard work of our hacker community. And these customers’ embrace of hacker-powered security marks a shift in the broader security market - from paying for man-hours to paying for results.

Now HackerOne Challenge is available to everyone. We’ve packaged this as an all-in-one, turnkey product with a flat price, to make it easy to budget.

We built HackerOne Challenge for enterprises and startups, governments and non-profits. (We’ve even run Challenges in ultra-sensitive verticals, like financial services.) We handle everything from inviting pre-screened hackers to validating bugs. All you need to do is identify the domains and be ready for the summary report at the end.

How does a HackerOne Challenge work?

A HackerOne Challenge is a four-week program designed to deliver a comprehensive security test backed by the world’s strongest hacker community. We work with you to define the scope and any exclusions. Then we create a private program on our platform,  invite a number of our best hackers, and put them to work testing your apps, We triage the incoming bug reports, and at the end of the Challenge, we deliver a comprehensive report detailing the triaged bugs.

Through it all, our team is applying our years of experience gleaned from working with our 800+ customers. And the hackers we select from our community are applying security expertise that they have proven in engagements with our best customers.

What you can expect from a HackerOne Challenge

  • Better insights by matching your apps to a number of pre-screened hackers with diverse approaches and experience.

  • Proven value by giving you the concrete results we’ve helped our other security-conscious customers realize.

  • A results-driven community of hackers, all of whom are paid for results, not for man-hours spent on site.

  • A fully-managed, turnkey security testing solution, thanks to our veteran triage and customer success groups.

  • Many options for continuous security, and access to a team that has helped multiple organizations develop a plan for long-term.

Start your Challenge today

Our goal is to help everyone build more secure software through hacker-powered security. A HackerOne Challenge is the easiest way to get started. Drop us a line (by clicking here or sending a note to and we can answer your questions about our newest product offering.


HackerOne is the #1 hacker-powered security platform, helping organizations find and fix critical vulnerabilities before they can be criminally exploited. As the contemporary alternative to traditional penetration testing, our bug bounty program solutions encompass vulnerability assessment, crowdsourced testing and responsible disclosure management. Discover more about our security testing solutions or Contact Us today.