Security Assessments at HackerOne

Test your organization's security preparedness with HackerOne Assessments. Whether you’re looking to reduce risk, launch a new product, or meet compliance requirements, our hackers provide critical insight into the security gaps that should top your priorities list.

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Security Assessment Initiatives

Compliance Testing

Pass audits without breaking a sweat by working with an expert vendor to assess your security posture against industry standards.

Penetration Testing

Need proof of testing for a customer or vendor? HackerOne can deliver penetration tests tailored to your business goals and desired impact.

Product Launch Testing

Get ahead of focused, time-constrained security testing for major initiatives such as product and feature releases.

Cloud Migration Security Testing

Track and protect against misconfigurations as part of your cloud migration journey.

Remote Access Testing

Identify vulnerabilities due to remote access and outdated or newly spun up work-from-home tools.

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Test Security Across Your Attack Surface
  • External network security testing. Run DNS checks and port scans across your network environment and other security appliances that filter malicious traffic from the internet. Uncover vulnerable software, weak credentials, and infrastructure misconfigurations.
  • Web application security testing. Test against web applications to identify vulnerabilities and adhere to OWASP Top 10 categories like cross-site scripting, broken access controls, and injections.
  • Mobile application security testing. Conduct a review of your mobile assets and infrastructure across iOS and Android devices. Identify common mobile security issues, including insecure authentication, data storage, communication, and more.
  • API security testing. Detect vulnerabilities in the API layer that have exposed application logic and sensitive data. Uncover excessive data exposure, broken user authentication, and other misconfigurations.
  • Desktop application security testing. Test for vulnerabilities across desktop applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux to identify issues within privileged components, storage, and insecure network communication.

Your Continuous Security Testing Partner

Continuous security testing with HackerOne means you can begin to scale strategically and consolidate vendors across penetration tests, security assessments, and bug bounties. Whether it's launching new applications, meeting compliance needs, or managing a new acquisition, we help your security teams identify insecure patterns and troubling indicators before they can be exploited.

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