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Application Security

Learn how to prevent vulnerabilities in your applications. We cover current practices in application security, cloud security, API testing, and more.

Top 5 Cloud
Application Security

The Top 5 Cloud Security Risks: How Hacker-Powered Security Can Help

Widespread digital transformation means increased cloud security risk. Learn how human intelligence—hacker-powered security—can help your organization...

Application Security, Best Practices

451 Research Defines 7-Step Roadmap for Hacker-Powered Security Success

One of the top IT research and advisory companies, 451 Research, recently authored a new “pathfinder report”...

Application Security, New Program Launch

Your Grab public bug bounty program is arriving now

Any hackers out there ever hunt for bugs on your mobile phone while riding in a car? Well, now our thousands...

Application Security, Customer Stories

GitHub Embraces Hacker-Powered Security To Protect 55 Million Projects

You’ve probably heard of GitHub, but you might not know they support more than 20 million people learning...

Application Security

How To: Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Server-Side Request Forgery, SSRF for short, is a vulnerability class that describes the behavior of a server...

Application Security, New Features

It’s Phab-tastic! HackerOne integrates with Phabricator

Like many companies in Silicon Valley, we at HackerOne believe in using what we build. (This is sometimes...
Application Security, Customer Stories

GitLab's Brian Neel on Secure Software Development and Bug Bounties

Brian Neel, GitLab’s Security Lead, looks at how the software security apparatus has grown over time, and how...

Application Security, Company Resources, Best Practices

The Visual Guide to Bug Bounty Success

We have created the most comprehensive, educational, practical, and valuable resource ever about the ins and...

Application Security, From The CEO, Company Resources

Bug Bounty Programs — Why Should I Care?

Every digital company has software vulnerabilities, and they get terribly expensive in case of a breach...