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Application Security

Learn how to prevent vulnerabilities in your applications. We cover current practices in application security, cloud security, API testing, and more.

Top 5 Cloud
Application Security

The Top 5 Cloud Security Risks: How Hacker-Powered Security Can Help

Widespread digital transformation means increased cloud security risk. Learn how human intelligence—hacker-powered security—can help your organization...

Application Security, Hacker Resources, Best Practices

Bug Bounty Reports - How Do They Work?

Better bug reports = better relationships = better bounties! Whether you are new to bounty programs or a...

Application Security, Customer Stories

Bug Bounty 5 Years In

Uber’s Collin Greene shares advice on on running a high quality bug bounty program from the mistakes made...

Application Security, Company Resources, Best Practices

How Bug Bounties Work: A Comic

Life is complicated, bug bounties should not be. Here’s a comic illustrating how bug bounty programs work by...

Application Security, Hacker Resources

6 Ways to Build Great Relationships with Security Teams

One of the most common questions we get from hackers is "How can I get along better with bounty admins or...

Application Security

Environment Is Everything, and Other Tips For Your Open Source Project

One of the most important things to be successful is creating a friendly and open environment, being...

Application Security

HackerOne 2015 Bounty Program Review and New $10K Minimum Bounty

HackerOne reports results of its own bug bounty program for 2015, increases minimum bounty for severe...

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6 Tools Slated To Come Out Of Black Hat

In anticipation of the show, here at Within Security we've scoped out some of the top tools slated for release...

Application Security

Jingle Bugs - How to Rock in a Hard Place

With the end of 2014 dashing to a close and 2015 just over the hill, let's take a moment to look at the ghosts...