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Hacker101 CTF++: Find flags, get private bug bounty program invitations

Hacker101 CTF++: Find flags, get private bug bounty program invitations

Hacker101 CTF++

Three months ago, we introduced the Hacker101 CTF: A fresh new way to apply your hacking skills to real-world challenges, no matter your skill level. Since then we’ve seen more than 3000 users find over 10000 flags. Today we’re happy to announce two new features that take the Hacker101 CTF to the next level.


From the very first launch, we’ve had teachers reaching out about using the Hacker101 CTF in their classrooms. Today we’re launching a new groups function, which allows teachers and other group leaders to track the progress of hackers on the CTF and see where they’re getting stuck. Groups are strictly opt-in, but whether you’re a professor at a university or just want to hack through the CTF with friends, this feature is for you.

Screenshot of Hacker101 CTF Groups Dashboard

Above you can see a group with two members in it, from the group leader’s view.  From here, leaders can get a high-level view of their members’ progress, then dive deep and examine exactly how a given member is doing and if they’re stuck.

Anyone can make a group and you can join as many groups as you want; go start one today!

HackerOne SSO and Private Bug Bounty Program Invitations

As of today, you won’t be logging in with a CTF-specific account anymore; instead, you’ll simply log in with your existing HackerOne account (or if you don’t have a HackerOne account, you can easily create one here). You can, however, link your old CTF account so as to not lose any progress you’ve made up until now.

And the coolest thing? Finding flags in the CTF will now allow you to directly earn invitations to private bug bounty programs on HackerOne!

By finding as few as 3 flags, you’ll automatically be added to the priority invitation queue for private program invitations and will receive one the following day. For every 26 points you earn on the CTF, you’ll receive another invitation. Keep an eye on that progress bar and hack on to get the next invitation! Whether you’re a new hacker or you’re just new to our platform, this is a great way for you to dive into the deep end from day one.

We are always updating Hacker101! Keep an eye on the blog and feel free to contact us to share the features and content you would like to see!!

Happy Hacking,
- Cody Brocious (Daeken)

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