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Take a big step toward visibility. Combine attack surface management with the security expertise of ethical hackers. Learn how HackerOne brings visibility, tracking, and risk ranking to your digital assets, all in one platform.

HackerOne Assets: Proactive Attack Resistance

Go Beyond Attack Surface Management

HackerOne Assets blends security expertise with asset discovery, continuous assessment, and risk-based prioritization to intelligently reduce exposures across your digital footprint.

Ready learn how you can take action on your attack surface with HackerOne?

Tell us about your asset inventory and external attack surface management needs and one of our security experts will contact you for a custom consultation.

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What is Attack Resistance Management (ARM) (ASM)
Vulnerability Management

Introducing HackerOne Assets

A Security Survey on How to Close Your Organization's Attack Resistance Gap

The 2022 Attack Resistance Report

The 2022 Attack Resistance Report

Forty-four percent of organizations lack confidence in their attack resistance capabilities. HackerOne’s attack resistance management helps your organization close its attack resistance gap.

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Announcing the Results of the 12-month DIB-VDP Pilot

Learn more about the DoD DIB-VDP Pilot here.