Analyst Firm Recognizes Pentesting as a Service is a Revolutionary Offering

SAN FRANCISCO, January 18 2023: HackerOne, the leader in Attack Resistance Management, today announced it has been named as a leader in GigaOm’s Radar Report for Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS). The analyst, Chris Ray, concludes that PTaaS is a much needed revolution in the pentesting space. PTaaS brings modern SaaS-like features to an industry which has long been plagued with problems of delays, manual processes and a lack of transparency. Those features include centralized visibility into vulnerabilities that have been identified, direct communications with pentesters, and integrations with other technologies. The report equips IT decision-makers with the information needed to select the best fit for their business and use case requirements. 

The GigaOm Radar Report for Pentesting as a Service calls out HackerOne’s global, creative ethical hacking community as offering a diverse skill set capable of delivering the best pentest findings. It also highlights the automation and speed of HackerOne’s pentest offering, which enables customers to launch engagements in as little as seven days. The report praises HackerOne’s solution for program transparency, with near real-time visibility into pentesting activities for clients through the portal and direct access to the pentesters. Furthermore, an assigned technical engagement manager provides project oversight and quality assurance.

“HackerOne offers high quality results because of its diverse pentester community, streamlined business workflows via integrations, rapid results delivery, and automation capabilities of the platform,” said Chris Ray, security analyst at GigaOm. “The maturity of its integration with AWS is unique, and its real-time visibility and direct communication methods will please most clients… The integration with AWS Security Hub is a standout feature through which HackerOne demonstrates clear maturity with AWS technologies. For organizations that run primarily or exclusively on AWS, this feature will be of great value.”

HackerOne’s Pentest solution has surfaced over 5,000 vulnerabilities for customers. For companies that use AWS and want to test applications on it, HackerOne offers unique capabilities, including AWS certified pentesters, a specialized assessment for apps on AWS, developed alongside AWS, and an integration with AWS Security Hub for customers that use it. 

“We designed our recently enhanced HackerOne Pentest to solve for the inefficiencies of traditional pentesting solutions,” said Ashish Warty, SVP of Product and Engineering at HackerOne. “Our enterprise customers can now more efficiently manage multiple engagements across their growing attack surfaces and gain real-time insights from expert pentesters to reduce security risk and improve attack resistance. It’s encouraging that analysts recognize the challenges and what innovative providers do to disrupt the market.”

The GigaOm Radar report is a forward-looking analysis that plots the relative value and progression of vendor solutions along multiple axes based on strategy and execution. The Radar report includes a breakdown of each vendor’s offering in the sector. To read the full report, visit: 



HackerOne closes the security gap between what organizations own and what they can protect. HackerOne's Attack Resistance Management blends the security expertise of ethical hackers with asset discovery, continuous assessment, and process enhancement to find and close gaps in the ever-evolving digital attack surface. This approach enables organizations to transform their business while staying ahead of threats. Customers include The U.S. Department of Defense, General Motors, GitHub, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hyatt, Lufthansa, Microsoft, MINDEF Singapore, Nintendo, PayPal, Slack, Twitter, and Yahoo. In 2021, HackerOne was named as a ‘brand that matters’ by Fast Company.



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