The DevOps Juggling Act
Speed, Quality, Security, and Scalability

Developers throw code over the wall and expect it to deploy perfectly.


Businesses want DevOps to deploy faster, yet have no outages or breaches.


No one knows the production application is under attack until it’s too late.


Applications are elastic … But application security is not.

Securely Build & Deploy Applications Everywhere

Securely Build & Deploy Applications Everywhere

Automated scanning and point in time testing are good first steps, but they aren’t enough. HackerOne programs feature continuous application testing that mirrors the pace of development. Eliminate vulnerabilities in development, and deliver highly secure apps to production.

Securely Build & Deploy Applications Everywhere

Identify and resolve security issues.

Map out a planning process. Identify the release theme, contents, and timeline. Note areas of security concern.

Infuse security into the design phase so it’s not an afterthought.

Develop secure code by incorporating learnings from past vulnerabilities.

Continuously test to detect flaws in code. Fix issues found during the development phase and avoid introducing novel vulnerabilities.

Deploy secure code and mitigate potential risks as soon as they are introduced, rather than identifying these risks at the end of the release schedule.

AMP Security for In-House Apps

Dev teams are constantly implementing, integrating, and validating changes to their code. To keep up, DevOps automatically pushes new code, without first screening it for bugs. It’s vital to have a security system that moves with the same agility and confidence as a DevOps team. Establish a feedback loop before apps are put into production.

AMP Security for In-House Apps
Launch New Products & Minimize Rework

Launch New Products & Minimize Rework

Releases are delayed because security defects are found late in the process. Automated security tools systematically overlook bugs that might be present in novel code. By embedding into our customers’ agile model, our security experts help teams identify and address vulnerabilities. We use common criteria standard (ISO/IEC 15408) and CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) to identify software vulnerabilities at every phase of the software development life cycle.

How It Works

Engineering for Attacks

We’ve developed a comprehensive vulnerability taxonomy based on the industry-standard Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE). This taxonomy serves as a common language that aligns expectations for report resolutions and bounty payouts. Using CWE as a baseline improves overall efficiency, so we can quickly triage, verify, and prevent weaknesses. Our taxonomy enables us to improve the resilience and reliability of applications before they make it to production.

Amplify Learning and Program

Our program management teams help accelerate your programs so you don’t have to hire a team of experts. We provide comprehensive program analytics so you can demonstrate risk reduction and ROI of your security program.

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“Security is not a one-time thing, but a continuous cycle. We know that there are always going to be bugs in software development. As we develop, and as we iterate, we want to make sure security is an active part of that process, and never a roadblock to innovation. The HackerOne bug bounty program allows us to put another cog in the wheel of security.”
Pete Yaworski, Senior Application Security Engineer, Shopify
Pete Yaworski, Senior Application Security Engineer, Shopify
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