Ambassador Spotlight AWC Edition: remonsec


remonsec helps his community thrive by bringing them together to share skills in Bangladesh!


What made you want to become an ambassador?

It was around 2017 when I started hacking. I suffered from misguidance and scams that were alleging practical hacking guidance. All the while, there was a lack of hacking culture and community available in my country. I promised myself one day I would try to improve both!  

Luckily, I began to meet some amazing people. Since then, we have continued to build a national hacking community. The start was difficult. There needed to be more support, and it was all self-funded. At this point, I  saw HackerOne's Brand Ambassador Program-- they offered everything I needed to build out this community. So, I joined their ambassador program as an investment to support local hackers.

What is your role as an ambassador?

As a HackerOne Brand Ambassador, I raise awareness and educate people about the importance of cybersecurity and bug bounties. In addition, I use my online presence and local community connections to promote the work that HackerOne is doing and the positive impact that bug bounties can have on the security of organizations and individuals.

I also participate in exclusive events and training sessions offered by HackerOne, where I can learn from security experts and network with other security professionals. Through these activities, I aim to improve my skills and knowledge in cybersecurity and share that knowledge with others.


What was your last meetup about?

My last meetup was about collaboration and ranking Bangladesh on the global leaderboard. The goal of the meetup was to bring together a group of passionate and talented individuals interested in cybersecurity.  We discussed various topics related to hacking/security and shared our personal insights with each other.

How consistently do you meet up? Do you have a predetermined


We aim to host a meetup every quarter. Our meetups are informal and designed to bring newer recruits interested in cybersecurity.

Typically, we hold our meetups at local coffee shops or buffets, which provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for attendees to network and exchange ideas. However, we also have plans to use university campuses for our larger meetups, as they provide a more formal setting for us to gather and learn from each other.

Have you ever hacked a program as a team?

Yes, I have participated in ethical hacking programs as a team. One particularly memorable experience was a 9-hour hunting session with two other talented individuals. It was an intense and exhilarating experience that tested our skills and knowledge.

After hours of hard work and collaboration, we finally found an entry point into the web application dev panel we were testing. It was an incredible feeling to be able to penetrate the system ethically and responsibly to demonstrate our skills and expertise.


Are you excited the Ambassador World Cup is back?

Absolutely! I am thrilled that the HackerOne Ambassador World Cup is back this year. It's an incredible opportunity to showcase our skills, collaborate with fellow hackers, and make a positive impact. In addition, the friendly competition between the different teams adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation.

How did it feel to put your team together? Do you have new members this year?

Assembling our team was an enriching experience. We have a diverse group of talented individuals who bring unique perspectives and skills to the table. This year, we welcomed some new members who have quickly become integral parts of the team. Their enthusiasm and fresh ideas have invigorated us, and I'm confident that we'll be able to tackle the challenges ahead together.

Did you feel prepared for this scope?

We certainly did our best to prepare for this event. We get a large selection of programs to hunt on, which opens the door to a lot of bugs. It also challenges to complete the hunt within the competitive time period. Nevertheless, our team has been diligently honing our skills. While there's always room for improvement, we were well-equipped to handle the scope of this year's World Cup. It's also worth noting that our combined experiences and shared knowledge have made us stronger as a unit.


Who is your current rival? 🔥

We are in group F, competing against Vietnam, New Delhi, and Singapore. Hackers from these teams have consistently performed well in several events, and we respect their skills and expertise. However, we're determined to give our best effort.

What makes an ambassador community successful?

First of all, it requires a clear goal and objective. Then communication and leadership things come to play. Finally, regular active engagement will keep the community healthy and motivated. 

What can you offer to people just starting out in bug hunting?

Someone just starting with bug bounty will get full support from me. I have active communities where they can join and a ton of resources collected in an organized way. I have regular meetups and learning sessions. Also, yearly hacking events to test your skills and have fun.

Did the ambassador program help you build your professional

career? How?

Yes, the HackerOne ambassador program helped me to build my professional career. I met with other professionals in this field and built a strong network. I joined this program for fun, but it also benefited my future.














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