Ambassador Spotlight: hipotermia


hipotermia offers up his skills to the hackers of Spain! 


What made you want to become an ambassador?

I applied to the HackerOne ambassadors program as soon as I heard about it. In fact, I was part of the first wave of ambassadors to join! I do bug bounties full-time, and HackerOne is, by far, my favorite platform. So, creating a community around this and bringing all the Spanish hackers together to do some fun stuff was perfect.

Why do you think people should join this program?

Why shouldn’t they? It’s free; you get invitations to exclusive programs/events and meet new people to share your ideas with. Plus, you get a cool badge on your HackerOne profile!


What is your role as an ambassador?

Some of my duties as a HackerOne ambassador include finding people from my area interested in bug bounties that might fit into our club, coordinating with programs to create hacking events, or building the team that will represent our country during the Ambassador World Cup.

What is the hacking scene like in your city/region?

In Spain, we have many talented hackers. However, most are unfamiliar with bug bounty or consider it a waste of time. I always say they should try it, compared to the low salaries in Spain. It’s easy to earn a lot of money with bounties, plus you can learn a lot from hacking in real environments. If I have been able to live from it, anyone can.


What was your last meet-up about?

A few weeks ago, an important company invited us to their private and exclusive program on HackerOne. They will organize a meeting to show us the critical areas of their products, we will be able to contact them directly, and they will be doing some challenges for us. This will help us collaborate and hack together on this program.

How consistently do you meet up? Do you have a predetermined location?

We don’t have a predetermined location, but we try to meet up for essential security cons in Spain. This way, people don’t have to travel exclusively for the event, and there are more possibilities to be more people and recruit new incorporations.


Have you ever hacked a program as a team? 

More than once, we have been hacking together companies that have invited us to their private programs and, obviously, for the Ambassadors World Cup

What do you believe brings most people into hacking?

Let us not fool ourselves; money makes this ecosystem work, but that feeling when you find or successfully exploit a vulnerability is unlike anything else.

How did you feel about the Ambassador World Cup?

That was a fantastic event. Competing against other countries encourages people to participate. In Spain, our goal is victory over our French neighbors. In 2022 they managed to beat us, but this time it won’t be that easy!


What makes an ambassador community successful?

What makes a community successful are the people who make it up. The club wouldn't make sense if it was me talking all alone.

What difficulties do you and your group face?

Most of the people in our club have day jobs, and we live far from each other, so it is a challenging task to coordinate and do things together at the same time.


What can you offer to people just starting out in bug hunting?

What I can mainly offer to people just starting out is my experience, which will help newcomers. I've been in the business for a couple of years and am familiar with how the platform and most programs work.

What would you like to see next in the ambassador program? What’s the next step?

The next Ambassador World Cup has already been announced (I loved the logo), so right now, this is what we are more excited about and preparing for!And I would love to have a custom ambassador challenge coin to add to my collection 👀





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