Outsmart Cybercriminals with Proactive Attack Surface Management

Learn how to keep pace with your expanding attack surface

52% of security-conscious enterprises in a recent HackerOne survey don’t know how much of their attack surface is secured, and not one respondent was confident their organization was fully in control of its attack surface.

Any veteran security leader can confirm that organizations rarely know the full extent of their IT infrastructure, but the use of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, adoption of microservice architectures, and inherited assets from mergers and acquisitions make the shortfall more extensive than IT teams could have imagined in the past.

In this webinar, cybersecurity veterans Michiel Prins, co-founder and head of professional services at HackerOne, and Naz Bozdemir, senior product marketing manager at HackerOne, demystify how organizations can gain control over their full attack surface and minimize exploitable risks.

This discussion will cover:

  • The consequences of an expanding attack surface and incomplete visibility into it
  • The role of Attack Surface Management (ASM) in modern security programs
  • Important considerations when selecting an ASM partner
  • The impact of combining automation with human security expertise

Michiel and Naz will follow their presentation with a live Q&A, so bring your challenges and experiences.

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Michiel Prins, Co-founder & Product

Michiel Prins

Co-founder and Director of Solutions Architecture, HackerOne

Michiel Prins is a co-founder and the director of solutions architecture at HackerOne, the world’s most trusted hacker-powered security platform. He is an information security expert, researcher, hacker, and developer who has been finding critical software vulnerabilities in technology for over 10 years. Prior to founding HackerOne, Michiel co-founded a successful penetration testing company that worked on projects for trusted organizations from government institutions to top technology companies, including Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and Airbnb.

Naz Bozdemir

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, HackerOne

Naz Bozdemir brings a wealth of cybersecurity knowledge to her role, stemming from an interdisciplinary academic background. In her 8+ years of security experience, she has specialized in product marketing and has worked for three disruptive cybersecurity startups. These roles gave her a good insight into a wide array of security testing types and processes, with a deep focus on breach and attack simulation, Pentest as a Service (PtaaS), and attack surface management (ASM) technologies.