Hacker Powered Security Report

Live Analysis: Key insights from the Hacker-Powered Security Report

January 25, 2024

8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT

Insights from our customers & the world's top hackers—emerging threats, vulnerability rankings, & fighting cybercrime on a budget

This year’s Hacker-Powered Security Report goes deeper than ever before, and we’ll help you break it all down and extract the most valuable information to inform your strategy in the year ahead. 

In this live analysis, we’ll lend context and provide expert insight into topics ranging from the fast-evolving role of AI to budgetary considerations for the organizations hackers protect.


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Meet the Speakers

Alex ‘Jay’ Balan, CISO, Superbet
Tom Anthony, Hacker
Laurie Mercer, Director Sales Engineering, HackerOne

Here’s a teaser of the insight to expect:

96% of customers say they are better positioned to resist cyberattacks by accepting vulnerability reports from third parties

53% of hackers are using GenAI in some way

70% of HackerOne customers say hacker efforts have helped them avoid a significant security incident