Meet HackerOne @ Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

June 3 – 5, 2024 | National Harbor, MD

#1 in human-powered security testing—discovering 1 critical vulnerability every hour

Our community of 2M+ security researchers discover 1 critical vulnerability every hour. That’s the expertise you need to take your security program from good to game-changing. Talk with us at Gartner’s Summit to learn how HackerOne finds vulnerabilities that no other methods can. Beyond bug bounty, with HackerOne you can:

Run faster, better pentests | Test your AI deployments for safety & security | Operate a VDP with confidence | Ship software with fewer bugs | Run Live Hacking Events for fast ROI

Thousands of organizations TRUST HackerOne

ai confrence

See the power of human ingenuity + AI efficiency in action 

Get a guided HackerOne Platform demo to see how running a program with ethical hackers helps you outpace cybercrime.

Meet Hai—your AI copilot for vulnerability intelligence

Accelerate your find-to-fix cycles and uplevel your security. Hai delivers a deeper and more immediate understanding of vulnerability reports—so you can prioritize and remediate faster. 

Go head-to-head with Hai at the networking reception—June 3rd 6-7:30 & June 4th, 5:30–7:00
See how Hai’s problem-solving approach compares to your own—we dare you! There’s a fun Hai challenge taking place all day at our booth, so come test your mettle.

“AI Deployment: Are You Ready or At Risk?”

Theater 2—June 4 @ 1:10–1:30

AI is reshaping the world, but are you prepared to lead the charge? Or are fears about cyberthreats, reputation risk, and falling foul of policy holding you back? Hear stories of the failures and successes of some of the world's leading AI creators and adopters and discover how proactively embracing hacker-powered security has supercharged their agility.


Session speaker: 

Spencer Chin

Spencer Chin
Head, Solutions Engineering

Talk with us about how we help companies ranging from Anthropic to Snap test AI for safety and security.

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Days fill up fast during the Summit. Schedule 30 minutes with our executive leaders now to explore how HackerOne's human-led security approach can fortify your defenses, from AI red teaming to code reviews, continuous testing for application security, cloud security, and more.

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