Achieve a secure and collaborative future with humans + AI

FS-ISAC Spring Summit, Booth #66

March 3-6

San Diego, CA

Offensive security to prevent the worst-case scenarios of AI and cybercrime

Think it’s just cyberattackers who are focusing on financial services targets? Think again: Ethical hackers are, too. In fact, 53% of ethical hackers in HackerOne’s annual survey said they focus on finding and reporting vulnerabilities in your industry. Plus, 61% said they plan to use and develop hacking tools via generative AI to find more vulnerabilities.

Meet with us at FS-ISAC Spring Summit to learn how HackerOne’s combination of human creativity plus AI can reveal your most critical vulnerabilities—and help you: 

  • Secure the use of GenAI and LLMs with community-driven AI Red Teaming
  • Conduct continuous offensive testing through Bug Bounty
  • Perform targeted hacker-based testing with a time-bound Challenge
  • Assess an entire application with a Pentest or Code Security Audit 

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Creating Developer-Security Alliances: Proactive Strategies to Avoid Tomorrow's Breach

Alex Rice
HackerOne Founder & CTO

Monday, March 4 | 3:15 - 4:00 p.m.

Learn the four big factors that led to the demise of "shift left," and its ultimate cause of death. Most importantly, learn a smarter way to address security during development.

Get your copy of the 7th Annual Hacker-Powered Security Report: Financial Services Edition

Visit Booth #66 to pick up your copy of our in-depth report on hacker contributions to financial services security, including:

  • How to save an average of $18,037 with a code security audit before live user data is at risk
  • The top 10 high and critical severity vulnerabilities in financial services
  • How much you can expect to pay for bug bounties