Alex Balan
On-Demand Webinar

Customer Fireside Chat with Superbet

In this teaser video, HackerOne customer Alex ‘Jay’ Balan, CISO at Superbet, lifts the lid on what it’s really like working with ethical hackers, and the crucial role they play in Superbet’s overall security strategy.



Watch the full on-demand to learn:

  • Why organizations should work with hackers
  • How to implement a successful bug bounty program
  • What you can learn from hackers to inform your security strategy
  • How to get your engineering teams on board
  • The value of having a bug bounty program

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Alex Balan

Alex ‘Jay’ Balan

CISO at Superbet Group and Happening.xyz

Alex’s career is focused on Information Security, Innovation and Product Strategy, fields in which he has so far accumulated over 20 years of experience and during which he was a speaker multiple times at the major international security conferences (DEFCON, RSAC, DEFCAMP, ISC China, DerbyCon, etc)