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May 29-30

Is your security program good…but you want to make it great? Talk with us at Cybersec Europe to learn how the world’s largest community of elite security researchers + the power of AI can help you outsmart cybercriminals at every turn.

Run faster, better pentests | Operate a VDP with confidence | Ship software with fewer bugs | Test your AI deployments for safety & security

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Meet Hai—your AI copilot for vulnerability intelligence

Accelerate your find-to-fix cycles and uplevel your security. Hai delivers a deeper and more immediate understanding of vulnerability reports—so you can prioritize and remediate faster.

Go head-to-head with Hai at booth C95.
See how Hai’s problem-solving approach compares to your own—we dare you! There’s a fun Hai challenge taking place all day at our booth, so come test your mettle.


Fill your cup at Booth C95

Need a break from the conference grind? Coffee’s on us! Will you order a Hackuccino, or maybe an XSSpresso?

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3 Stages of Continuous Vulnerability Discovery
Date:Dates: 29 & 30 May
Location:Theater 1

Explore the three key pillars of continuous vulnerability discovery that help you pinpoint the most critical flaws in your asset inventory, prioritise what to fix first, and reduce your threat exposure. 


Session speaker: 

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell
Senior Security Engineer

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