Continuous Security with HackerOne Bug Bounty: Cyber Defense Done Right

June 25, 12 PM ET | 5 PM BST

Relying solely on internal teams and automated tools can leave crucial vulnerabilities overlooked. Traditional methods struggle to keep up with limited resources, evolving threats, and complex systems.

Enter HackerOne Bounty: Leveraging the expertise of the world's largest ethical hacker community, we offer proactive, continuous testing of your digital assets. Our custom-tailored bug bounty programs connect you with top-tier security researchers—and offer financial rewards to incentivize these creative minds to uncover novel and elusive vulnerabilities in your systems.

Who should join this live demo + Q&A: 

Everyone from seasoned security professionals to curious enthusiasts will find value in this session. 

You’ll learn how to transform threat detection by:

  • Leveraging skilled hackers and the HackerOne platform to find risks other methods can’t
  • Expertly managing the bug bounty process, from communication to validation
  • Identifying and mitigating weaknesses proactively
  • Accessing key program metrics and industry data, and integrating with 20+ SDLC tools
  • Utilizing HackerOne’s AI copilot, Hai, for deeper insights, faster decision-making, and quick remediation 

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Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the lead solutions engineer for HackerOne in EMEA. In 2021, he became one of the youngest CISSP holders in Europe. Chris started his cybersecurity career at Darktrace, helping the company expand into new regions during its period of exponential growth, mastering the NDR and ICES security fields. Afterward, Chris advised the UK Home Office as a security architect, working to secure their entire SDLC pipeline, with a focus on IDAM. Now Chris specializes in designing crowdsourced application security testing for the ever-expanding HackerOne customer base.