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Launching the Hacker Calendar, Never Miss a Challenge Again

Launching the Hacker Calendar, Never Miss a Challenge Again

HackerOne has a long history of running Hack Days. You might still remember our recent hack day where we launched the HackerOne Alexa Skill. Earlier this month, we organized another hack day, and today, we're launching the first results. We're proud to introduce Hacker Calendar.

Hacker Calendar is a small but useful feature to track important dates and events via your calendar app. If you regularly participate in HackerOne Challenges, you might have found it hard to follow start and end dates, especially when engaging in multiple challenges at the same time. With the launch of Hacker Calendar, you can easily see all running challenges that you're part of and find their respective start and end dates.

“This makes me actually participate in programs. I’m way too distracted to figure out the timezone difference which makes me forget the start date of a challenge program.” – Smiegles

At this moment the calendar only includes events for HackerOne Challenges, but we’re aiming to add more events in the future based on your feedback. If you have ideas about things that should be included, please let us know!

Hacker Calendar is available right away. Navigate to Settings -> Calendar and generate your unique calendar token. We’ve tested this with the most popular calendar apps, and more details on how to add this calendar to your own app are available on our docs site.

Happy hacking!