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Alexa, ask HackerOne...

Alexa, ask HackerOne...

team alexaFrom left to right: Martijn, Miray, and Tom (not pictured: Annette)

A few weeks ago, we held HackerOne’s Winter Hack Day for all employees in our organization. What’s a Hack Day? About once a quarter we dedicate one day to collaborating across offices and teams to build something outside of our normal scope of work. This could be anything from doggie bow ties (real project!) to product improvements. Instead of hacking ala hunting for security vulnerabilities (like at our live-hacking events), we use this time to hack something fun together, like say an Alexa Skill :).

Recently, my coworker Tom, and I bought an Alexa device and that inspired us for the Winter Hack Day. The plan was to build an Alexa Skill for HackerOne. Together with team members Miray and Annette, we started brainstorming how we could create something usable, simple, and cool! Criteria: it had to be educational.

By the end of the day, the HackerOne Alexa Skill was born...

Meet HackerOne for Amazon Alexa

With the HackerOne Alexa Skill we’re tapping into Hacktivity, Zero Daily and, opening up the floodgates of info to the world of smart speakers. The latest disclosed Hacktivity reports can now be shared in the living rooms of millions (39 million Americans to be exact).

Here’s how it works: After installing the HackerOne Alexa Skill, you can ask your Alexa Device:

  • Alexa, ask HackerOne to teach me about clickjacking

  • Alexa, ask HackerOne what’s in the news?

  • Alexa, ask HackerOne how many bugs fixed?

  • Alexa, ask HackerOne what vulnerabilities do you know?

In addition to the HackerOne Skill, we also published a flash briefing Skill for Zero Daily, HackerOne’s daily newsletter highlighting the best hacks, bug reports, and relevant security news. Once enabled, this Skill gives you the latest Zero Daily news as part of your daily flash briefing. Just ask, “Alexa, what’s in the news?” and Alexa will share Zero Daily highlights along with your other flash briefing content.

Watch the video of the HackerOne Alexa Skill in action!

This is just the beginning. Install the HackerOne and Zero Daily Skills and have some fun!

While you’re at it, we always like to hear how we can do better. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our skill, we’re all ears.

I want to thank Tom, Miray, and Annette for their help making this Alexa Skill happen, and I can’t wait for the next Hack Day!

-- Martijn Russchen
Product, HackerOne

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