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Announcing new leaderboards: More ways to engage, compete and win


Leaderboards are a fun way to measure your hacking progress and understand how you compare to the broader HackerOne community and to engage through competition. Historically, we’ve had only one type of leaderboard that ranked based on accrued reputation. With this release, our goal is to empower hackers by giving you a range of information that helps you get a broader look at your achievements. Read on to see what we added!

The refreshed leaderboards include new functionality that helps you visualize your journey as a hacker. Regardless of where you are in a given leaderboard, you can see your position so you can better understand how you rank. You can also quickly see hackers that are progressing up the leaderboards by the visual cue of the green up arrow next to the username. 

"Leaderboards demonstrate the commitment and effort hackers put into their work. Being ranked on the Capture the Flag (CTF) leaderboard is personally valuable for me to see where I stand against other hackers and it motivates me to do better." said rekter0, a hacker within the HackerOne community.


Leaderboard description and calculations 

Highest Reputation

  • Ranking is calculated based on reputation earned 

Highest Critical Reputation

  • Ranking is calculated based on reputation earned for high and critical submissions

Top Hackers By Country 

  • Ranking is calculated based on reputation accrued by geography; hackers can opt-in to this leaderboard by updating their country under profile settings  


  • Ranking is calculated based on reputation earned for triaged or resolved submissions within across listed OWASP weaknesses 

Most Upvoted

  • Ranking is calculated based on number of report upvotes received in Hacktivity 

Up and Comers 

  • Ranking is calculated based on reputation earned by hackers who received their first valid report within the last 90 days

CTF Talent 

  • Ranking is calculated based on points earned through Hacker101 Capture the Flag challenges

Go forth and hack

Whether you are a veteran hacker or just joining the platform today, we want to recognize hacker accomplishments and milestones no matter where you may be in your HackerOne journey.

"The up and comers leaderboard is a great way to boost motivation to new hackers. It can be daunting to go up against veterans who have been hacking for years and are highly ranked in the reputation category. Having new views for hackers just starting out is awesome,” said Fisher, a hacker within the HackerOne community.

Log in to your account now to see your personalized rankings. Got questions? Take a look at the details in our docs page. If you have feature requests or further ideas, send us your questions or feedback. We want to hear from you.

Thank you for hacking with us. 

Happy hacking!