Introducing Security@ San Francisco!

Introducing Security@ San Francisco!

Next week we’re kicking off our first conference by and for the hacker-powered security industry. On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, Security@ San Francisco will gather more than 200 security leaders, hackers and industry experts for groundbreaking keynotes, presentations and networking with peers and industry leaders who are paving the way to a safer internet.

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By definition, community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” We talk about the ethical hacker community a lot as an essential component of internet health. All of the hackers on HackerOne play a critical role in ensuring bugs are discovered and fixed before they’re exploited.

Beyond that is an even larger community of CISOs, security directors, managers and leaders that are embracing ethical hackers, empowering their teams that are on the frontline of security defenses.

The conference name, Security@, signifies the first step towards hacker-powered security. An homage to organizations that create a security@[organization].com alias to provide a communication channel for external researchers to submit vulnerability reports they find.

At Security@ we are aiming to provide a forum for our community to share openly, learn from each other and grow. Together we hit harder!

Here’s what to expect at Security@

Sessions will cover everything from lessons learned from building successful security programs, to engaging directly with hackers in highly-regulated industries, to understanding the latest policies and regulations around working with the ethical hacker community, and more. The inaugural agenda includes:

  • Keynote from world renowned hacker Samy Kamkar presenting new research and a discussion of how hackers are a key part of the internet’s ecosystem.

  • Google Project Zero’s Natalie Silvanovich will present on the different ways that needless attack surface can end up in software, and look at strategies to reduce it.

  • Panel of U.S. government technology leaders tasked with defending Americans on and offline, including Defense Digital Services’ product and technology lead Michael Chung and 18F’s Jacob Kaplan-Moss and moderated by Fortune’s Jeff John Roberts.

  • Panel of automotive security leaders from General Motors and Auto-ISAC discussing the challenges of securing the next generation of connected vehicles.

  • Panel of some of the world’s leading hackers discussing what makes bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs successful from their perspectives and what motivates them to hack.

  • Cybersecurity legal expert Matthew Gardner from Wiley Rein, LLP will discuss the legal implications of creating a vulnerability disclosure policy and how to craft a program policy that is mutually beneficial for companies and white hat hackers.

  • Panel of financial services security leaders from LendingClub, John Hancock and Coinbase discussing working with ethical hackers in a highly-regulated industry while ensuring privacy and financial security.

Let the countdown begin

We’re excited to see everyone next Tuesday and if you’re reading this wishing you could attend, you can follow the conversation on Twitter via #securityatSF for live updates and we’ll have the sessions recorded and posted later for you to enjoy.

T-minus 7 days and we can hardly wait.

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