HackerOne Integrates with ServiceNow to Streamline Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

HackerOne Integrates with ServiceNow to Streamline Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

We’re excited to announce our integration with ServiceNow Incident Management. This integration allows customers to escalate vulnerability reports with ServiceNow incidents and synchronize any updates in the vulnerability workflow that happen in ServiceNow or HackerOne. 

Manual processes, multiple cross-team hand-offs, and constant vacillation between security tools hinder a team’s ability to quickly assess and remediate vulnerabilities and attacks. Without automated and integrated solutions, security teams are forced to communicate with IT via email, phone, and complicated spreadsheets. This cumbersome process makes it harder for teams to operate in lockstep, creating opportunities for miscommunication, confusion, operational waste, and costly errors.

Efficient, scalable processes are now the gold standard for companies and government organizations with digital assets. As hacker-powered security becomes a best practice, organizations are looking to automate error-prone manual processes to efficiently manage and remediate vulnerabilities  To that end, this integration allows Incident Management (IR) and security teams to seamlessly monitor and analyze vulnerabilities, create and assign tasks to other departments, and streamline workflows across vulnerability management, security operations, and third-party risk management.

Integration benefits include:

  • Improve operational efficiency with coordinated response across IT and Security teams
  • Scale processes via parallel, repeatable and measurable workflows
  • Augment and enrich security incident visibility with vital context to accelerate action
ServiceNow HackerOne screenshot

For those interested, you can access the HackerOne ServiceNow documentation here.

Are you looking to streamline vulnerability testing and management with HackerOne? Get in touch with us at sales@hackerone.com.

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