Hacker heroes: The crucial role hackers play in SIX Group’s security strategy

Wednesday 4th October

10.00am BST | 11.00am CET

In this webinar Alex Hagenah, Head Cyber Controls for leading financial institution SIX Group, discusses the crucial role that hackers play in SIX Group’s security strategy, and shares key learnings on implementing a successful bug bounty programme, and the value it delivers.

Join us to learn:

  • How to implement a bug bounty programme and transition to continuous security testing
  • How a bug bounty programme can fit within your wider security strategy
  • How learnings from your bug bounty programme can feed into your security strategy
  • The value of having access to the unique skill sets, and diverse perspectives of a global community of security researchers

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Alex Hagenah, Head Cyber Controls, SIX Group

Alex is a proven cyber security leader with over a decade of experience managing, leading, and executing technical and operational tasks across a variety of global growth sectors. He has an extensive background working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies in over 50 countries, where he has been instrumental in the development and evaluation of cyber security systems and solutions to address the growing criminal presence in the cyber security realm.

He currently leads SIX Group's offensive cyber security team, responsible for overseeing the execution of critical security operations, and is a member of the HackerOne Technical Advisory Board, providing strategic input and advice on HackerOne’s strategy and product direction.