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Outsmart Cybercriminals with Proactive Attack Surface Management

A security leader’s guide to implementing successful ASM

Is your organization fully in control of its attack surface? For most organizations the answer is a resounding “no.” A 2022 HackerOne survey found that even security-mature enterprises using a combination of in-house and commercial Attack Surface Management (ASM) offerings still can’t see their full attack surface. 52% of security-conscious enterprises said they don’t know how much of their attack surface is secured—and not one respondent was confident their organization was fully in control of its attack surface. This is where proactive ASM—combining automation with human security expertise—comes in.

Written expressly for security leaders, this Outsmart Cybercriminals with Proactive Attack Surface Management guide deconstructs today’s standard security strategies and explores:

  • The danger of an expanding attack surface due to digital transformation, rapid dev cycles, and M&A activities
  • The role of ASM in modern security programs and the limitations of automation
  • How proactive ASM provides the visibility, risk scoring, and continuous input organizations need to bolster their current security efforts
  • The impact of combining automation with human security expertise
  • [Case study] How a major bank increased its asset visibility by 530% and now keeps pace with its growing asset inventory, even during a multi-year cloud migration

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